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How to Buy the Right Home, Quickly

How to Buy the Right House, Quickly You’re in a rush. You have just three weeks to find and buy the right home. Whoa! How are you going to make that happen? Don’t stress. Here are some tips that will help you find the right home in a limited amount of time: Get a pre-approved mortgage. With this document you’ll know exactly what you can afford. A seller will take your offer-to-purchase more seriously, too. Find a good real estate agent. Look for recommendations from friends, family, co-workers and online. A good REALTOR® can help you find and view the best opportunities on the
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Be a Savvy Home Viewer

  The last thing you want to experience after purchasing a home is “buyer’s regret”. That’s the sinking feeling you get when you realize, days or weeks later, that you may have made the wrong decision. Say, for example, you bought a home based on your first impressions. When you viewed it, you thought it was just perfect. Then, a few weeks after you moved in, you discovered that the bedrooms are smaller than you had originally thought and the street is loud and busy. That wouldn’t be a very good feeling! That’s why it’s important to become a savvy
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