As some of you may have read in the last newsletter, I bought a new home in April. The summer flew by, and amid the insanity of the Ottawa real estate market, I was also busy planning my move and renovations on the new house. (I think I’ll just talk about myself this time around, but if you would like to discuss our hot market, please don’t be shy to reach out!)

I had this grand plan.… I was going to have five weeks of overlap between the time that I had to move out of my current home and move into my new home. I had two visits booked, architectural help lined up, and my Houzz app filled with design ideas. My advice to clients is that things always take longer than you plan for them to and, oh boy, was I right. Despite having the very best help and intentions, my “stuff” moved into my new home three weeks ago but, as of now, my suitcase and I are somewhat nomadic.

Firstly, I should explain my grand plans. The home I bought was various shades of every possible colour, including one bedroom painted hot pink and orange with a brown stripe down the middle, so needless to say the whole house was slated for painting! The main floor is nice and bright, but the home was built in the early-1950s and has no signs of anything open concept. The plan was to open up the kitchen and add a powder room to the main floor. I’m unfortunately not one to say that I love doing laundry, but since it has to be done every so often, I wanted to also have a “nice” {read: straight out of a magazine} laundry room and renovated basement bathroom.

I had plans drawn up (thank you, Lara McKendrick Architecture – and I was ready to go. In an ideal world, I was getting three quotes – but who has the time?! I got two quotes. This, of course, did not happen overnight and time was ticking! Didn’t I say that everything takes a little longer than you think it will? I had some prior experience with the contractor I chose, Robert, and he was able to “somewhat” accommodate my timelines! Off we went. Well, off we went on only the main floor. Based on my budget, I decided that my magazine-worthy laundry room will have to wait until some unknown time in the future!

My amazing painter Shauna (if you’d like her contact info, or any other referrals, let me know!) and I decided that painting the bedrooms was safe. If we did them before all the messy work started at least I’d be able to move in, when the time came, without stressing about furniture being in the way. This, we were soon to find out (after all the bedrooms were painted), was a mistake. Once my contractor Robert ripped out some walls and the old kitchen on the main floor, we quickly discovered that my new home had no insulation in any of the exterior walls (and many other surprises, more to come in the next post). I had two options: leave it as is or add some insulation. The cost to add insulation was not overly prohibitive and I figured that it was the time to do so. But here’s the catch – they drill holes between the studs and blow in insulation from the inside of the house. (Please note that this is not the only way to do this, but the most logical way to do so in my home.) Lesson learned – all of the exterior walls in the bedrooms that were just painted will have to be painted again!

So began my reno…. Next up, renovation surprises!