We are full swing into the spring real estate market! You may be hearing rumblings that the market is red hot… and those rumblings are true. 2017 has started off with a bang! I dove in and very recently bought and sold my own home, and thought I’d share my personal experience. It certainly was a good reminder of the emotional highs and lows of my work, and helped me empathize with what my clients experience during this process.

My home search journey started about a year and a half ago when I was showing a home to buyer clients. It was in one of my preferred neighbourhoods, had the right number of bedrooms, and even had a garage (rare and elusive for the area)! My clients decided that the home wasn’t for them so I asked the listing agent to keep me in the loop. This particular home was a hot commodity, and sure enough I got a call from the listing agent at 7:00am the next morning to tell me they had received an offer. I was completely unprepared: I did not have a new mortgage pre-approval, and my current home wasn’t ready to be listed! I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to come together. That home sold, and thus began my house hunting journey.

I then did exactly what I do with my clients: I set up an MLS search with my geographic preferences and the laundry list of all my must-haves. Over the next few months, I visited a few homes, and never found the right one. I eventually was forced to change my search criteria… what I wanted to buy didn’t exist in my budget! Huh. I had to have a heart-to-heart with myself to determine what was most important to me. Location ended up winning over garage – that elusive garage that I thought I would never give up!

Fast forward to spring 2017, where many homes in Ottawa are selling in multiple offers, and I find my “perfect” home: great location, not the right number of bathrooms, and no garage… but I love it anyway! Cue the stress. I brought my parents and a friend who is an architect to see it, and did a home inspection in advance of offers being presented. Offers were bring presented on a Tuesday afternoon. All I knew was that I was going to be competing, and there may be 4 offers, or as many as 9! How do I pick the right number?! I agonized for two days, and finally just picked one. My formula was a mix of a little superstition, a little math, and a cheesy letter to the sellers (that I had a little help with)! I was nervous – like, really nervous – and happened to be working all afternoon and evening. In case I seemed a bit off that day, I thought I’d better let my clients know that I was waiting for news. I GOT THE HOUSE! Hugs all around from my clients, and then the shock set
in… Oh my, I’ve just bought a house. Ack, there’s so much to do now!

This was all happening in April, when the market was a little bananas, and I suddenly needed to get my house organized for sale. I always muse with my clients that this always happens when it is most inconvenient in life… Heather, my staging wizard, came over when my house was in shambles, and left me with a HUGE task list. Two weeks later, with painting touch-ups done, boxes packed up, many trips taken to give stuff away, furniture moved out, as well as a few visits to HomeSense, and my home was finally ready. I was exhausted!

This was a great reminder of how much work all of you put in to get your homes looking amazing for sale! Thank you for all your hard work. It was also a good reminder for me as to how much fun and stress buying and selling a home can be!